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About Us

Our Mission

What we care about

MTCPROF's mission is to promote modern and ecological timber construction. As a company specialising in providing innovative technical solutions for the industry, MTCPROF aims to realise the potential of glulam and raise public awareness of its benefits.


By working with respected timber construction engineers and using Polish manufacturing potential, the company aims to create sustainable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly spaces.


MTCPROF wants to contribute to sustainable development in the construction industry by creating environmentally friendly solutions that meet the needs of customers and contribute to a better and more sustainable environment for future generations.

Wooden construction - a harmony of nature and durability, creating friendly and warm interiors.


The founder and owner of MTCPROF is an experienced expert in the timber construction industry. His extensive experience and wide contacts are invaluable assets in collaboration. He has a broad knowledge of wooden constructions and applied technologies, which adds value to MTCPROF's clients.


His professionalism, commitment to promoting eco-friendly timber construction, and ability to adapt to individual client needs make him an extremely valuable partner. Working with MTCPROF guarantees high-quality services and the ability to execute even the most demanding projects.

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